from UMR20 Atlantica by Imersivo

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During a “palliative care” class at college the
teacher encouraged us to reflect on the process of becoming ill and dying, and what it really means to live well and die well.
The voice sample came from a video that the teacher passed in that

Original video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiAGPA49mo8


“Eternity is not time without end, it is no time
There is only the present, the now
Time is just a mirage to give you a sense of continuity
So there should be no rush or anxiety at all

Just go your way

Feeling of continuity

The system denies and fears those who fall outside the standards
The corrupted man classifies as madness what is nothing but authenticity
Your confidence in life will be an affront to cowards
No one had managed to steal the only thing of value, its essence
Human existence on this plane is a great theater
You only have one role to play, yourself
Its only commitment is to the evolution itself
The rest is scenery."


from UMR20 Atlantica, released April 20, 2020


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