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UMR24 Learning Humanity

by Phyre

Myopic View 05:47
How curious a thing it is Most of the things that we experience, we regard as things that happen to us- Which we ourselves do not originate, Which are events expressing some sort of power or activity that is external to ourselves. If you consider that, you realize what you mean by yourself is rather narrowly circumscribed. The different points of view you get when you change your level of magnification, that is to say you can look at something with a microscope and see it a certain way, you can look at it with the naked eye and see it in a certain way, you can look at it with a telescope and you see it in another way. You can for example look at a newspaper photograph under a microscope and just see a profusion of dots. But as you stand away from that connection of dots, which all seem to be separate and apart from each other, they suddenly arrange themselves into a pattern. And you see that these individual dots add up to some kind of sense. Now you'll see at once from this illustration, that maybe you, when you take a myopic view of yourself, as most of us do.... That you may add up to some kind of sense When we examine our blood streams under a microscope, we see there's one hell of a fight going on Microorganisms are chewing each other up. And if we got overly fascinated with our view of our own bloodstreams in the microscope, we would start taking sides, which would be fatal Because the health of our organism depends on the continuance of this battle. What is in other words conflict at one level of magnification is harmony at a higher level Now could it possibly be that with our problems, conflicts, neuroses, sicknesses, political outrages, wars, and everything that goes on in life are a state of conflict, which can be seen from a larger perspective as a situation of harmony
The student brings a problem to the teacher, and he says I suffer and it's a problem to me. And the teacher says you suffer because you desire, and if you didn't desire, you wouldn't suffer, so try not to desire. And the student goes away and says "I'm not very succesful in this. I can't stop desiring; it's terribly difficult. And, furthermore, I find that in desiring, I'm desiring to stop desiring. Now what am I to do about that? And the teacher replies "Do not desire to stop desiring anymore than you can" And so the student goes away and practices that, but he comes back to the teacher and says "I still find myself desiring excessively to stop desiring, and it doesn't work" So the teacher says "do not desire too much not to desire to stop desiring" Now do you see what is happening? Step by step, almost like Achilles approaching the tortoise, the student is being brought together with himself. Many thanks to Jonathan Robinson for his guitars, ideas, and feedback!


released June 26, 2020

Music, Mix and Master by Phyre
Art by Matik
Design by dustrickx


all rights reserved



Unfinished Monkey Records Belgium

UMR was founded in 2006 to promote new creative electronic music from Belgium, Netherlands and the world. Besides the regular digital ep's and albums of upcoming talent, they release VA compilations presenting exclusive tracks selected by dustrickx.

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